Studio Harpuna was founded in 1997 and since 2000 it works as a Ltd. company.
We are focused on creation and development of corporate ID; from the logo to richly layered structure,
covering activities and products of dynamic companies. For our clients, we capitalize a broad combination 
of our own skills, visions and solid and constantly growing experiences.
All our partners in the process are professionals, who are as well dedicated to their specializations 
and we guarantee the results by the most valuable commodity – a good name.
Within the range of open society, we work for selected non-profit organizations and projects.
The Idea, creativity and originality are our three main weapons, principles and pleasure. /DE/

Idee / 

Sometimes it’s born easy, with dazzling ingenuousness, sometimes it’s necessary
to let it mature so that it later on in the end, fill eye and mind with
unique mixture of fresh and new.

Kreativität / 

We play. The new project is not a nightmare for us , but a joyful challenge
to work. Stress, gloom and restlessness have no space in our work.
Testing untested, exploring the unknown, assessment of both a macro detail
and a whole from a distance, along with the fundamentals of many years 
of experience in the field of visual communication, is a creative essence, 
that determines the direction.

Originalität / 

We do not like to walk on the worn paths and a good impression in the first plan
will not satisfy us. We make sure that our clients receive not just 
a mere proposal or idea, but straight round, functioning communication
mechanism, balanced even in the finest details, that visually enchants, 
forwards its inner message and also remains enrolled in memory.